Gas ECU Kits for 3 or 4cylinder,Similar to OMVL Dream XXI system

Gas ECU Kits for 3 or 4cylinder,Similar to OMVL Dream XXI system


Autogas Sequential Injection ECU for 3 or 4 Cylinder petrol fuel injected cars

Included control unit, harness, switch, water temperature sensor, gas temperature sensor

Similar to OMVL Dream XXI N system. 

LGC-ECU-D06 is an advanced injection system, designed for use with the latest petrol driven cars.
Gas is injectied into the intake manifold ducts in the right sequence and at the right time.
The pressure stability of the regulator together with sophisticated electronic carburation control, guarantees a fast response of the system to quick power demands, and a smooth acceleration from the cut-off phase. LGC-ECU-D06 also optimises consumption and performance.

LGC-ECU-D06 ensures excellent vehicle performances when running with gas, without affecting in any way car performances with petrol. LGC-ECU-D06 gas electronic control unit integrates perfectly with original car OEM ECU, leaving original engine set-up parameters unchanged. This allows a switch back to petrol at any time without loss of performances. 

Power: 7-20VDC, Max 25VDC
Microprocessor type: 16bit, 16Mhz
Programming and diagnostics connector: RS232 serial port
Water resistance: Flush restitance
Input signals: RPM, TPS, Lambda probe
Outputs: Sequential control      4 injector as standard, Optionally up to 8 injector
Installation position: Anywhere in engine compartment, protected from water flushes

Wiring diagram:  D06 wiring diagram.pdf           Password:  d262
Software download: D06 setup.rar                 Password:  bbb8

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