4Cylinder LPG Injection System

4Cylinder LPG Injection System


Propane LPG sequential injection system conversion kits for 3 or 4 cylinder EFI/SFI/MPI petrol cars:

With this system installed, your car will run on either petrol or LPG, it's bi-fuel, you can switch between both.

1. LPG sequential Reducer/Vaporizer, integrated with Solenoid Valve, power up to 140KW theoretically, if higher power required, used 2 ones or a super type reducer--up to 250KW;
2. New Version  Mach Pro Gas ECU set, included Electronic control unit, Harness, Water Temperature Sensor, Micro-switch,T-Map Sensor.
The ECU support 11 languages: 1)English 2)Chinese 3)Polish 4)Russian 5)Thai 6)Turkish 7)Spanish 8)French 9)German 10) Dutch 11 Italian;

3. Injector Rail-4cyls, 3cyls available;
Gas Filter: Installed after regualtor before injection rail, to filter the low pressure LPG
5. High pressure steel tubing: dia 6mm* length 6m 
Low Pressure Hoses
7. Mounting FittingsHardware etc. for connecting/fixing/sealing the autogas kits on car
8. Programming cable--At least 1unit is needed for new buyer, not necessary to buy if you had one yet; For Gas ECU connect to computer to calibrate/program to reach a proper air-fuel ratio for cars of different power; It is special, other ones may not suit to our kits.
9. Not Included Items here
LPG tank, Multivalve, tank brackets,  filling valve, filling hose(Too heavy to ship or may not suit to your local requirements) 

Do not install our kits for Ford Focus, unless you are an experienced installer who had tried before.

Fossil fuels is using out, cost higher and higher, how to do with existing gasoline/diesel vehicle?

LGC Provides you Complete solution: Bi-fuel/dual fuel conversion kit, installation guidance...  

LGC Provide:
-- Bi-fuel systems for gasoline cars:
Sequential injection system kits, two types: suit to 3-4 and 5-6-8 cylinders injection cars;
Aspirated system kits suit to 4/6/8 cylinders injection cars, EFI as well as carburetor engines;
Do not suit to FSI (fuel straight injection) engines, nor diesel engines.
-- Dual fuel systems for diesel cars:
LGC's co-fuel systems for diesel car can replace 50-70% diesel by LPG or CNG, work great!


How to install the propane lpg system gas conversion kit on cars? Installation manual download:
We recommend you go over the visualized installation diagram and download via this link the below files--read before starting conversion: 

Setup software for Mach Pro Gas ECU 1.5.1.rar  (Updated: 10/8/2013, compatible with all versions of mach pro gas system from LGC.)
ECU wiring diagram 4cyl(2nd and 3rd pages are explanation).pdf
ECU Wiring Diagram for 6 & 8cly.pdf 
Mach Pro ECU Programming Guidance.pdf    (Updated: 20/6/2012) 
LPG CNG Sequential injection system kits installation manual.pdf 
Propane LPG Sequential Kits Installation Pictures.pdf 
Methane CNG Sequential Kits Installation Pictures.pdf 
(If you are a green hand of installing the gas kits--no matter LPG or CNG, recommend you take an overview of these installation pictures with instruction: The explanation would be much more clear to guide you install the gas kits.)


Propane LPG Sequential injection System (for EFI/MPI gasoline engines) Visualized Installation Diagram for reference:
(The new version ECU's wiring is little different with the below version)

|Fossil energy is using out, cost is higher and higher, how will you do with your current gasoline/diesel cars? Pay high cost for gasoline to use it now and get rid of it as wasted iron one day? No, the LPG/Propane CNG/Methane fuel will save you from this, convert your cars into bi-fuel system/start a gas conversion business/become a autogas equipment distributor now!!|

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