Mach Pro Gas ECU Set for 3-4cyl gasoline fuel injected car

Mach Pro Gas ECU Set for 3-4cyl gasoline fuel injected car


LPG/CNG ECU set for propane or methane injection system on 3 or 4cylinder petrol sequential injectin engines   RFQ

1. Working Voltage: 8 ~ 16V
2. Rated Voltage: DC12V;
3. Working Current: 10-12A;
4. Coil Resistance: ≥ 0.5 Ω
5. Input Signals: Petrol injection signal; Gas pressure signal; Water temperature; Gas temperature; Oxygen sensor signal; RPM signal;
6. Special function: Single injector control; Upgradable even after ECU installed on car
7. Ambient Temperature: -40°C ~ + 120°C
8Waterproof Level: flush resistant (fire and heat proof plastic Box)
9. Interface Connector: Serial to gas ECU; USB to PC
10Connection plug: 48 Pins

The Gas ECU set include:
1. ECU-Electronic Control Unit, and Harness,
2. Micro-switch,
3. T-Map senor (Other than the Map sensor, this sensor no need vacuum pressure signal)
4. Water temperature sensor,
5. Mach Pro Gas ECU programming cable: (not included yet) for connecting to computer to calibrate to reach a proper air-fuel ratio for the cars of different power, at least 1 unit is needed, you need to buy one if you do not have:
Mach Pro ECU Programming CableMach Pro ECU Programming Cable



Wiring diagram (More clear diagram please contact LGC):


About this new version Mach Pro gas ECU:

The new ECU has many new technical features; for the moment I try to list them and if you are interested, we can deepen the explanation.

First of all (I think this is the most new feature) we modified the LGC system auto calibration, which was derived by their decision to control the gas injection time dependently by the MAP. In the new E.C.U. the gas injection time is controlled by petrol injection time vs RPM. In this way it is easier to calibrate the injection system and the movement of the car on the road is more linear and pleasant for the driver.

Another important news is the emulation injector circuit. There are four emulation circuits and the ECU control each of them independently. During the switch from petrol to gas, the ECU switches the emulation circuits one by one when each detects the corresponding injector input signal. The transition from petrol to gas is smoother and the driver doesn’t perceive the transition.

In the GENERAL SETUP there is a new button: ADVANCED SETUP. When you press this button you enter in a new page where you can decide to return to petrol when the vehicle is working at idle and/or at high rpm. When this happens the display (switch) inside the driver’s cabin will always indicate running on gas, without any variation. The vehicle automatically switches back to gas as soon as the engine rpm gets back to normal values.


• When selecting TO GAS, the engine will work on GAS at idle.

• When selecting RE ENTER TO PETROL, a small window with an RPM will pop up and you must select an RPM setting. Basically, when reaching values under the selected low RPM limit the engine will run on Petrol and it will automatically switch to GAS mode once accelerating over the selected RPM setting.

• When selecting TO PETROL, same as RE ENTER TO PETROL, but it will switch to Petrol after idling for some seconds.

NOTE : This operation is done and managed by the ECU, no action is required by the driver.

• When selecting TO GAS, the engine will work on GAS at all high RPM range.
• When selecting TO PETROL, and after selecting the limit of RPM and the Injection time, the ECU will make the engine to work on Petrol and will automatically come back to gas when at lower than selected values.

Other Options:
QUICK GAS CHANGE OVER WITH WARM ENGINE, if activated the engine will change over to Gas soon after ignition, provided there it Pressure in the system and there is a suitable switching temperature.

TIME OF OVERLAP: is used to select the time of overlap by using the two fuels (Petrol and GAS), and will happen only if selected and during switching from Petrol to Gas mode.

FORCED START ON GAS: if activated the engine will start directly on gas; you can use this option when the petrol injection system has some problems.

The TRIM SETUP page is changed. The CONSTANT AT HIGH RPM and the CONSTANT AT IDLE have the same meaning as in the previous release of MachPro. There are new functionality in this page:

• TEMPERATURE CORRECTION. If you activate it, you can set the variation of gas injection time (specified as percentage) as function of the gas temperature. For example you can decrease the gas injection time of 10% when the gas temperature is lower than 15 degree.

• ADVANCED PROGRAMMING page: here you can configure each single injector as follows;

- each gas injector can be manually enabled or disabled; when disabled only the petrol injector will be activated (if used this function, do NOT use the petrol shut off relay);
- for each cylinder, the gas nozzle opening time can be decreased or increased by the specified fixed percentage.

• PROGRAMMING IDLE: this is the new autocalibration procedure: you have to keep the engine at idle and the new ECU will complete autocalibration alone without any user intervention.

• SET MAPPING: in this page there is a mapping rpm vs petrol  injection time. It allows the change of the gas injection time at any given rpm in function of the petrol injection time. The user can modify mapping in relative mode in a specified area: the specified value will be added or subtracted to the selected area time-rpm base values.

In the UTILITY page there is a new important feature: SOFTWARE UPGRADE. With this utility feature, you can upgrade the ECU software even after it’s installed in the car. If you ask us a change to the software, we realize it and we send a file to you by e-mail. You must save the received file in a particular folder and when you press the Software Upgrade button, MachPro shows you the new release. Then you have to select it and press the OK button.

The new MachPro will manage both the new and the current ECU. When you connect an ECU, MachPro recognizes it and automatically shows to the user the corresponding windows to set the correct parameters without any user intervention.

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