Self-adaption AutoGas ECU Set for 3-4 Cylinder Petrol SFI cars

Self-adaption AutoGas ECU Set for 3-4 Cylinder Petrol SFI cars


LPG/CNG ECU with self-adaption function, for 3 or 4cylinder fuel injected gasoline cars   RFQ

Function same as AC STAG-300 ISA2, outlook same as AC STAG-4 Plus.

Working Voltage: 8 ~ 16V
2. Rated Voltage: DC12V;
3. Working Current: 10-12A;
4. Coil Resistance: ≥ 0.5 Ω
5. Input Signals: Petrol injection signal; Gas pressure signal; Vacuum pressure signal; Water temperature; Gas temperature; Gas volume signal; Oxygen sensor signal; RPM signal;
6. Special function: Self-adaption; 3D Multiplier Calibration Map
7. Ambient Temperature: -40°C ~ + 120°C
8Waterproof Level: flush resistant (Al Box)
9. Interface Connector: RS232 or USB
10Connection plug: 48 Pins

The autogas ECU set include:
1ECU with wiring harnesses
2. Micro-Switch 
3MAP sensor
4Water Temperature Sensor
5. Buzzer
6. Programming cable: N
ot included here yet; at least 1 unit is needed, you need to buy one if you do not have, for connecting to PC to program to reach a proper air-fuel ratio for different power requirement on different cars:

Programming Software Download
SetupAcGasSynchro-       Password: 9e4c
Interface USB-CDM20814_Setup.exe         Password: a973
LGC-STAG300 ISA2 installation file for reference.pdf

Wiring diagram:
LGC-STAG300 ISA2 wiring.jpg


Products features:

The system LGC-STAG300 ISA2 is the ideal controller for your gasoline car.

A new generation system
The microprocessor Sequential Gas Injection Controller LGC-STAG300 ISA2 has evolved from the tried, tested and reliable system STAG300 plus. The controller has been upgraded by used with the second generation Smart Self-Adaptation System ISA2.

The main task of the ISA2 System is the continuous and automatic modification of the gas maps as a function of the engine's rotational speed.

After turning the "Self-Adaptation" option on, the collection of petrol map points takes place. Sound signals inform the driver whether or not the map has been collected properly. After the petrol maps have been created, the ISA2 system automatically switches the controller over to gas. From then on, the self-adaptation is done by continuously comparing the operation of the engine for definite parameters (load and rotational speed) with the previously collected master petrol map of gas. Owing to an innovative solution, ISA2 System provides a more accurate calculation of the dose of gas supplied to the intake manifold of the petrol engine.

Additional advantages
The controller is equipped with an advanced software. The device also allows the manual adjustment of operating parameters based on the gas temperature and the PRMs. In addition, an option of serving Wankel rotary piston engines has been implemented in the controller as well as the ability to read out the engine RPM signal from the camshaft sensor. The software also has the function of releasing the gas pressure during the cut-off and a gas injector warm-up option.
Additional controller software means that the cars with a system based on the LGC-STAG300 ISA2 controller meet Euro 5 exhaust emission standards.

The advanced technology and the top quality of the product ensure the reliability of LGC-STAG300 ISA2.


New functions of the controller
• Smart Self-Adaptation System ISA2 (automatic modification of the gas map as a function of engine rotational speed).
• Correction of reducer pressure at cut-off.
• Injector warm-up at reducer temperatures ≤ 10°C.
• Monitoring of gas injector warm-up (minimization of the occurrence of the engine ECU error - "check engine”).
• Capability to serve Wankel rotary piston engines.
• Capability to pick up RPM signals from the camshaft position sensor.
• Extended gas injector (HANA 2000) and gas temperature sensor (REG, RAIL, SL) selection list.
• Additional sound signal informing of the engine start in the emergency mode.
• Capability to set a maximum number of emergency starts.

The controller is designed for all cars with petrol engines with 1 to 4 cylinders, including a Valvetronic throttle less intake system (used e.g. in BMW engines), turbo, full group and sequential and semi-sequential petrol injection. The controller is also capable of serving Wankel rotary piston engines.
LGC-STAG300 ISA2 supports the AcGasSynchro software.

And allow the engine to be more powerful.

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