CNG Mounting hardware for aspirated system

CNG Mounting hardware for aspirated system


Mounting Fittings for CNG aspirated Systems on Petrol Cars     RFQ

Packed in plastic bag, the mounting hardware inlude:
1. CNG I-shaped water union: 2pcs, for connecting the water hose
2. Clamp Ø10-20mm: 6pcs, for fixing the water hose
3. Clamp Ø19-27mm: 4pcs, for fixinig the gas hose
4. Self-tapping screws: 6pcs, (with the Bodywork clamp sheet) for fixing steel line
5. Bodywork clamp sheet: 6pcs, (with the self-tapping screws) for fixing steel line
6. Plastic pedestal: 1pcs, to fit in the bellows 

7. Common screw: 3pcs, for fixing the plastic pedestal
8. Single cone Ferrule Ø 6 (ferrule Ø 6 in steel): 1pcs, (with Galvanised nut) to connect to adapter on CNG tank valve  
9. Galvanised nut (steel line connector): 1pcs,  (with Single cone Ferrule) to connect to adapter on CNG tank valve   
(10. Plastic tape: 14pcs, for fixing the electronic wires)

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