Autogas ECU Set for 4 Cylinder SFI gasoline cars

Autogas ECU Set for 4 Cylinder SFI gasoline cars


Autogas ECU Set for 3/4 Cylinder SFI gasoline cars      RFQ

Use for CNG or LPG conversion system, 3 or 4 cylinder sequential Injection engines, similar to AC STAG-300.

1. Working Voltage: 8 ~ 16V
2. Rated Voltage: DC12V;
3. Working Current: 10-12A;
4. Coil Resistance: ≥ 0.5 Ω
5. Input Signals: Petrol injection signal; Gas pressure signal; Vacuum pressure signal; Water temperature; Gas temperature; Gas volume signal; Oxygen sensor signal; RPM signal;
6. Special function: 3D Multiplier Calibration Map
7. Ambient Temperature: -40°C ~ + 120°C
8. Waterproof Level: flush resistant (Al Box)
9. Interface Connector: RS232 or USB
10. Connection plug: 56 Pins
11. Dimension: 195*186*33(mm).

The autogas ECU set include:
1. ECU with wiring harnesses
2. Micro-Switch
3. MAP sensor
4. Water Temperature Sensor
5. Gas Temperature Sensor
6. Programming cable: not included here yet (at least 1 unit is needed, you need to buy one if you do not have, for connecting to PC to program)

Products features:
1. The air-fuel ratio of engine of engine is controlled with closed loop, therefore the exhaust gas emission is low (Euro 3 and Euro 4);And allow the engine to be more powerful
2. Self-adaptive, self-diagnosis and self-learning function, No interference with the OBD system of the vehicle
3. ECU set is suitable for both of LPG & CNG conversions, Optimized Varying Climate Conditions
4. Sequential gas injection system working in real time, assures optimum gas into each cylinder
5. Compatible with lots of gas injectors well, adjusts opening time of each injector on the rail, testing of the injectors enabling to diagnose the faulty injectors
6. Takes signals in Real Time in all operating conditions to obtain optimum opening time of each injector.(i.e. gas / water temperatures, manifold depression, rpm, petrol injection.
7. High Reliability & Adaptability and User Friendly
8. Easy Software Installation (Fully Windows Based)-Mapping & Calibration
9. Simple installation and operation;



Software and USB driver download:
LGC-STAG300 Setup software.rar          Password: b41e

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