Simplest LPG/CNG Gas ECU Set for 3/4 Cylinder SFI engines

Simplest LPG/CNG Gas ECU Set for 3/4 Cylinder SFI engines


Most simple and easy LPG/CNG Gas ECU set in the world, for 3/4 Cylinder SFI petrol engines   RFQ

This is the most simple and easy gas ECU in the world you can find, developed from LGC-ECU03,  it does not require a Map sensor, keep the main function--air/fuel ratio programming, but eliminate any non-essential functions to be as easy & simple as possilbe.

1. For sequential Injection 3/4 cylinder EFI (electronic fuel injection) cars
2. Working Voltage: 8 ~ 16V;
3. Rated Voltage: DC12V;

4. Max. Working Current: 10A;
5. Coil Resistance: 3Ω;
6. Processor Speed: 50Mhz
7. Input Signals: original petrol injection signal, water temperature signal, level signal;
8. Ambient Temperature: -40°C ~ + 120°C;
9. Waterproof Level: Flush resistant (Al Box);
10. Connector type: 24 Pins,
11. Interface connector: RS232 or USB
12. Easy installation and calibration

13. Compact size: 140*131*36mm

The gas conversion ECU set Compose of :

1. ECU with wiring harness
2. Micro-switch
3. Water Temperature Sensor
4. AutoGas ECUnterface cable—not included here yet, for connecting to computer to calibrate, at least 1 unit is needed, you need to buy one if you do not have.

What is the difference between this ECU1.5A and ECU03 from LGC?

Programming Software Download: 

LGC-ECU-1.5A.rar          Password: 7668
USB Driver for LGC-ECU1.5A and LGC-STAG300.rar          Password: 813c

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