CNG Sparking Plug

CNG Sparking Plug


Spark Plug 4pcs/set, Special for CNG in bi-fuel systems on petrol cars    RFQ


Usage: Special for auto gas in bi-fuel system on petrol cars

Nos. to use: 4Cylinder engine require 4pcs, 6cyl require 6pcs, 8cylinder 8pcs, by parity of reasoning.

Electrodes: Iraurita fire tsui.

Cylinder bore: 14mm (do not have other sizes--18mm, 21mm in stock)

Screw size: M14*1.25

Spark plug gap: 0.6mm

Resistance Value: 5

Across flats: 16

Electrical insulator: ceramics

Voltage resistance: High voltage

Spin Length: 19

Wide applicable range: All kinds of internal combustion engine and equipment, which use spark plug to ignite the gas mixture. No changes required for the engine and its electronic ignition system;

More stable and efficient ignition ability: which ensure that the engine run more smoothly;

Shorter instantaneous burning time: Which improve the gas mixture's thermal conversion efficiency; Acceleration performance more obvious, more powerful driving force;

Working medium: No matter gasoline, or a variety of gas (CNG, LNG, LPG, coal gas, methane, coal bed methane, hydrogen, etc.), alcohols (especially large proportion of pure alcohol) fuel, it can ensure efficient combustion, energy saving, low-carbon and environment-friendly;

Carbon deposits inside the engine reduce apparently: Extending the maintenance cycle, saving cost of use and maintenance.

Why is CNG special sparking plug required?

Gasoline fire point about 427℃, LPG about 490℃, CNG about 650; CNG has higher octane number, and combustion speed slower than gasoline, so required higher ignition energy, common automotive ignition plug may not meet the requirements.

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