Ignition Timing Advance Processor

Ignition Timing Advance Processor


LPG/CNG Gas Ignition Angle Advanced Processor for bi-fuel systems on gasoline cars     RFQ

Used for LPG/CNG gas conversion Systems, to improve system performance!
Warning!: Real article may vary from Item pictures shown here ( sticker and wires etc.)!
It's not easy to choose a right type processor, you need to confirm to us which type of Crank shaft position sensor your car use: electro-magnetic induction or hall type?

1. Product Function

Take CNG fuel for example, this device change the car’s original ignition advance angle, and remain timing signal of original ignition for using gasoline. CNG octane number and fuel properties are all superior to gasoline, to advance ignition timing, will greatly improve engine performance:

1) Better dynamic property in acceleration.
2) Reduce energy consuming, fuel economy

3) Prevent backfire

4) When switching to gasoline, no adjustment is required.

2. Installation Precaution

1) Make sure design of the ignition advancer’s wiring harness is consistent with the car model.

2) Positioned away from water, moisture and high temperature
3) Keep away from ignition high-tension cable and maintain well insulated

3. Wiring Guide

1) Red wire: 12V, to positive pole of battery
2) Black wire: To ground of battery
3) Blue wire: to Regulator solenoid vavle positive wire
4) Yellow wire: to to signal wire of throttle position sensor

5) Connector Wires for Crank shaft position sensor (if the connector do not match, follow below instruction):
White: to ECM (cut Crank shaft position sensor signal wire)
Blue: to sensor (cut Crank shaft position sensor signal wire)
Brown: to ECM (cut Crank shaft position sensor positive wire)
Black: to sensor (cut Crank shaft position sensor positive wire)
Yellow: do not connect

Wires and colors from different supplier may be different, but wiring principle is similar.


4. Switch Setup

There is a 3-button or 2-botton switch in red color, on the timing processor. Every button have 2 states, if pointing to the arrow

direction--the switch is ”on”, or ”off”.

1)      Advance angle setup: Control by Button  1 and 2, details as below chart.   

Advance Angle

Button 1

Button 2












2)      Car types setup: Control by button 3 (This advancer do not have and no need this button).

Car type

Button 3





All else types


5. Turning Notes:

1)Turn the adjustable potentiometer clockwise to the end, red light is on, then plug in the timing advance processor

2)Turn the adjustable potentiometer anti-clockwise, until red light is off, do not change the timing advance angle

3) When well turned, red light will be on during acceleration, and off during deceleration.


5. Identify signal wire of throttle position sensor:

Throttle position sensor place near the throttle body, there are three lines. Measured with a multimeter under AC voltage, red pin connect to one of the three lines, black pin connect to Ground, when idling the voltage should be 0.5v or so; with engine speed increasing, the voltage should raise along with. Otherwise, signal cable should be one of the other two lines, indentify like this until you find the right signal wire and connect it with yellow wire.


Wiring and advance angle are all very important, 6/9/12° or 15°? Please find out yourself which is better for your car!


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