LPG Aspirated vaporizer

LPG Aspirated vaporizer


LPG pressure regulators for aspirated  system    RFQ

The LPG pressure regulators, is electronically controlled to reduce LPG pressure and vaporize it allowing homogeneous gas flowing throughout the engine rev range. Two LPG regulation stages are provided enabling this device to stabilise the gas pressure. The built-in vaporizing system will ensure LPG passage from its liquid to its gaseous state; the regulator is heated using water from the engine cooling circuit. The gas flow necessary to ensure engine idling is adjustable via a gas port separate from the main gas flow. Inclusive of an electronic starter device with a built-in safety system which operates by shutting off the gas solenoid valve at every (wanted or unwanted) engine stop. The regulators are equipped with a clever (patented) compensation device allowing the regulator to be installed at any position – including transversally with respect to the vehicle travelling direction.


Use: suitable for vehicles with catalyst, fuel injection, carburettor
Max inlet pressure: 45 bars
First stage regulation pressure: 0.8 bars
Flow on-off control with engine stopped;
Solenoid valve;
Input voltage: 12 V d.c.
Coil power: 14 W
Power: 96 KW to 133 KW

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