LPG Multi-function valve

LPG Multi-function valve


LPG Multivalve    RFQ

Mounted on the liquefied petroleum gas steel cylinder, with sensor displaying of the fuel volume inside;
1. Working Pressure: 2-3MPa.

2. Installation angle: a=60degree (see the diagram).

3. Maximum Filling Capacity: 80% of the cylinder capacity (80% limitation function--automatically stop refueling when LPG level reached 80%, this is a safety protection: spare 20% space for fear the LPG inside may enlarge volume if temperature raised). 
4. Filling pressure: ≥0.07Mpa

Another type (with solenoid valve; The solenoid valve automatically shut off gas from the tank in case of leakage--if the gas ecu supported this function):

Installation notes


Important: The installation angle should be 60degree, the welding line on the LPG tank should be vertical at highest point (If not installed properly, the 80% level limitation function will not work ).

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