CNG Filler Valve

CNG Filler Valve


CNG Refuel Valve, workable under pressures of both 3000psi and 3600psi   RFQ 

Installed after CNG tank Valve and before CNG high pressure solenoid valve/CNG regulator.
Come with mounting bracket to hold the valve in place, the bracket can be bent if needed;
The bracket provided here is just for your convenience to fixing the valve in place, it's rough made, surface treatment not done yet, but this does not affect its usage at all! If not need this bracket, price can be 0.9USD less here.

Product parameter:
1. Type: Stop-Check valve (Non-return valve), with NGV1 filling port 
2. Suitable Medium: natural gas

3. Rated Working Pressure is 20Mpa=3000psi, although it can bear 25Mpa=3600psi.
All CNG kits in China are stated as "rated working pressure 3000psi", though they can bear 3600psi no problem.
In the gas conversion system, 3000 or 3600psi concern mainly the CNG Tank which we generally do not sell.

4. Nominal diameter: DN5mm
5. Joint thread: female thread M12*1
6. Thread joint to cylinder: G1/2
7. Quality certificates: SQC certificate for quality management system, complied with the requirements of GB/T 19001-2000 and ISO 9001:2000


Installation picture of the refuel nozzle/port:

More installation picture (similar brackets) for reference:

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