CNG Sequential Injection Regulator

CNG Sequential Injection Regulator


CNG Sequential Regulator integrated with solenoid valve, for injection system on gasoline cars    RFQ

1. Max Inlet gas pressure: 25Mpa
2. Rated working pressure: 20MPa (200Bar)
3. Range of output pressure: 0.15Mpa~0.3Mpa
4. Safety valve normally open pressure: 4bar

5. Working Temperature: -40~120 degree
6. Working voltage: 8~16V
7. Maximum Flow: 40Nm3/h
8. Solenoid valve working voltage: DC9.5-16V
9. High pressure inlet port: dia6*1
10. High pressure connecting fitting size: M12
11. CNG gauge connecting port: G1/4
12. Connecting ports for Heater hose: 8mm inner diameter
13. Water temp sensor connecting fitting: M5
14. Vacuum port diameter: 4mm
15. Gas outlet port diameter: 12mm
16. Pressure adjusting screw: M4 soket head cap screw

Installation Notice:
Position it as far as possible from engine;
Try to make regulator's longitudinal axis perpendicular to ground;
Make sure connecting is firm, no leakage;
Make sure solenoid is well connected.

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