Propane LPG Traditonal System Conversion kits

Propane LPG Traditonal System Conversion kits


Propane LPG Suction System (Aspirated System/Traditional system) Conversion kits, suitable to EFI as well as carburetor engines   RFQ

With this system installed, the car will run on either petrol or LPG, it's bi-fuel system, you can switch between both fuels.

LPG traditional Vaporizer (Engine power high than 140KW or displacement 4.0Liter may require 2 ones)
Gas Emulator/Simulator (For electronically controlled cars, 6/8 cylinder cars will require 2 ones; Mechanically contolled car do not needs this and will need a petrol solenoid valve--buy one elsewhere to install if your car do not have, or the car will not be able to shut off petrol supply after converted to gas)
Bi-fuel selectorPetrol/CNG fuels changeover switch with gas level indicator
4.Air-fuel Mixer: Measure your air intake hose near the throttle body where the mixer will be installed and select an appropriate sized mixer that will fit inside the air intake(sizes we have: 52/63/72/82mm, DO NOT provide other sizes currently); Will require 2 ones If engine with dual air intake hoses;
5. High Pressue steel Piping: Dia6mm*length6meter
6. Water Hose and Gas Hose
7. Power valve
Mounting Fittings: Assessories for connecting/sealing/fixing these gas components;
9. Not Included Items here: LPG tank, MultivalveTank brackets, LPG refilling valve filling hose. (Too heavy to ship or may not suit to your local requirements)

This Propane LPG Suction system Kits is similar to the oldest type open loop system (simple
wiring diagram for reference), do not include the close loop system (outdated and obsolete yet, replaced by sequential injection system) items: lambda controller and stepper motor(replace the power valve);
We would rather recommend using an
ignition timing advancer, the car work better; Adding a close loop system( wiring diagram for reference), performance increase little. 
This suction system kits usually use for old cars, which do not require too high for power performance; Comparatively new cars, recommend the sequential injection kit, latest system, better performance also price higher.
For petrol cars only, not suited to direct injection engines, nor diesel engines.

LPG/Propane CNG/methane Gas Conversion kits from LGC:
- Sequential injection system kits, two types: suit to 3-4 and 5-6-8 cylinders electronically controlled injection cars;

- Normal/Traditional Suction system kits suit to 3/4/5/6/8 cylinders injection cars, EFI as well as carburetor engines; performance not good as injection system, mainly for cars older than 1990's, for newer cars, we recommended sequential injection systems, better.
- Do not suit to FS I(fuel straight injection/direct injection) engines, nor diesel engines either.

How to install the Propane LPG System Gas Conversion kits in cars?
Please download Installation manuals and software via "Tech Support" or contact LGC:
LGC LPG/CNG Traditional Aspirated Systems installation Manual.pdf 
Methane CNG Mixer System(Normal suction system) Wiring Diagram.pdf 
Methane CNG Mixer system(Normal suction system) installation pictures.pdf 
Installation picture: lpg tank, multivalve and filling valve.jpg

Propane LPG Normal Suction System(Aspirated system/Mixer system/traditional system) Visualized Installation Diagram for reference:

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