Venturi Air-gas Mixer

Venturi Air-gas Mixer


63mm lpg/cng mixer in Traditional gas conversion system for EFI engines or carburetor engines    RFQ

Used in aspirated system (normal suction system/traditional system/mixer system), This is 63mm mixer, 52mm one is available at same cost.

Its size should be according to the diameter of Throttle valve in your car (buyer please specify before placing order).
Measure your air intake hose near the throttle body where the mixer will be installed and select an appropriate sized mixer that will fit inside the air intake; Will require 2 ones If engine had dual air intake hoses; 

Now we have 44mm, 52mm, 63mm,72mm and 82mm in stock; do not provide other sizes(44, 50, 58, 59, 65, 67, 68, 78, 93) unless there be large order!


The Air-fuel Mixer Installation:
The mixer must be sized according to the characteristics of the vehicle to convert to LPG/CNG (engine capacity – size and physical characteristics of the throttle body - injection type - type of idle management system, etc).

Generally speaking, the mixer is installed on the throttle body, in some cases however it may be necessary to install it inside the air aspiration hose, just outside the air filter box, downline from the airflow measurement device.

Example of installing the mixer outside the aspiration manifold

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