China CNG Sequential Reducer, , integrated with CNG solenoid valve

China CNG Sequential Reducer, , integrated with CNG solenoid valve


CNG Sequential Reducer, integrated with CNG solenoid valve    RFQ

1. Maximum Inlet Pressure: 220bar
2. Rated working pressure: 200bar
3. Rated outlet pressure: 2.0bar=0.2MPa
4. Working Temperature: -40~120 degree
5. Maximum Flow: 80 NM3/h
6. Opening pressure of safety valve: 4.0bar
7. Solenoid valve coil power: 20w
8. working voltage: DC 12V
9. Normal input voltage: 8~16V

Regulator is a device for the CNG conversion of gasoline motors, without making modifications in the use of original fuel.

The distinctive compact design enables its installation in any kind of vehicles in the most reduced spaces of the engine. The pressure of methane gas at the regulator input is 200 Bar, and it is fitted out in three stages: two stages on pressure regulation and a third one on volume of flow control, providing vehicle with stability either in high or in low revolutions.

The natural gas regulator is specifically designed to meet the most stringent legal requirements set down for car related gaseous injection fuel supply systems. 

The regulator constantly adjusts the pressure of the natural gas in gas cylinders to the pressure required by the injection system.

The regulator is capable of supplying the required amount of gas under all of the engine's operating conditions and also allows for a precise regulation of exit pressure. 

The regulator is a two-stage membrane fitted type of regulator, compensated (in the version for aspired engines) in order to keep the fall in pressure in the injection device constant with the engine's throttle valve. It is also fitted with a water/gas heat exchanger, gas solenoid valve with incorporated filter and safety valve.

The regulator is available in different versions which span a comprehensive range of pressures and go from 1.5 to 3 bar (150 - 300 kPa).

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