Mach Pro Gas ECU Set for 3-4cyl Petrol Injection System

Mach Pro Gas ECU Set for 3-4cyl Petrol Injection System


Mach Pro Gas ECU set for 3/4cylinder Petrol sequential injection engines    RFQ

1. According to signals from different sensors of the car engine, adjust the gas emitteddose to ensure an ideal air-fuel ratio
2. Follows closely the engine’s original injection signals, to assure gas injection timing
3. Completely self calibrating, and can be manually calibrated to various operating condition
4. Comprehensive diagnose the gas components and sensors, to judge if the gas system work well or not
5. Suit to both LPG and CNG; Gas forcestart function; No needed gas temp sensor
6. Programming system: Mach Pro
7. Fireproof plastic cover, heat-resistant, high electronically anti-interference,
8. It is for 3, 4 cylinders Kits, Not suitable for 5/6/8 cylinders (another type)
9. Languages supported by the ECU: 1) English 2) Chinese 3) Polish 4) Russian 5) Thai 6) Turkish 7) Spanish 8) French 9) German 10) Dutch 11) Italian
10. Quality approved by ECE 67R regulation yet. 

The Gas ECU set include:
1. ECU-Electronic Control Unit, and Harness,
2. Micro-switch,
Map Sensor,
Water Temperature Sensor
Mach Pro Gas ECU programming cable: (not included yet) for connecting to computer to calibrate to reach a proper air-fuel ratio for the cars of different power, at least 1 unit is needed, you need to buy one if you do not have.

Link to PC to calibrate:
Link to pc to calibrate.jpg


Wiring diagram and installation manuals, please download through "Know-how".

Wiring diagram:

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