LPG/CNG Injection Rail

LPG/CNG Injection Rail


LPG/CNG Injection Rail for multipoint sequential injection systems   RFQ

Frequency 0-150HZ
Working pressure 0.5-4.0Bar
Single injector opening time ≤1.4ms
Single injector closing time ≤1.0ms
Rated Voltage 9-14.2V DC
A working Cycle time 3.2ms
Working Environment Temperature -40℃~+120℃
Fuel working temperature -10℃~+95℃
Resistance 3ohm

If you need to connect this kind of Map sensor, you can buy from LGC  the follow items:
Fittings for connecting LPG/CNG injection rail to Map sensor



Rail Injector LGC-IR-4 maintenance instructon for Reference only.pdf    Download here

The injection unit ensures that the right quantity of gas is delivered into the intake manifold at the intake valves. The electronic injectors are opened in the right sequence and at the right time to suit the engine's ignition cycle. The ECU provides the injector with electrical signals necessary to precisely regulate the gas flow to the cylinder.

The gas injectors are electro-mechanical gas regulators that enable the quantity of gas fed to the combustion chamber to be controlled with great precision and rapidity. This means that combustion can be optimized, and therefore make the exhaust pollutants reduced and increasing the yield of the engine, which result to lower fuel consumption in all fields of operation. The very fast injector response time (opening time 1.4ms, closing time 1.0ms) allows the engine control units to directly control all performance phases.

High frequency Fuel gas Injection Rail configuration is very compact and easy to clean. Its working pressure is 0.5-4.0bar, Coil-loop resistance value is 3 ohm. 

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