Q1: How to know which cars your kits suit to?
A1: If not sure which gas kits form LGC fit your cars, please provide informations:
- What is your car's engine types: (Electronic Fuel Injection) EFI or carburetor, and how many cylinder?
- If wanted to use aspirated system/normal suction system conversion kits: How many cylinders is your car engine? Engine Power in HP or KW? Throttle body diameter?  

LGC provide two types LPG CNG kits:
1) LPG CNG aspirated system kits, suit to carburetor cars as well as EFI cars:  Simple installation, lower price, but performance not good as sequential injection kits;
Generally for those older cars which do not require too high for performance; for newer cars, we recommend sequential injection system:
2) LPG CNG sequential injection kits, for EFI cars only: (Two types) suit to 3, 4 and 5, 6, 8 cylinder sequential injection engines cars: Latest and most advanced system currently, much better performance, more complicated installation and higher price.
3) Kits from LGC, suit to petrol engines only, currently do not suit to diesel engines, do not suit to FSI (Fuel Stratified Injection/Fuel straight Injection/Direct Injection) engines either.

LPG CNG kits installation manuals download: Please visit "
Tech Support" on LGC's website.

Q2: I wanna buy samples to test quality before large order, what paying method do you accept? 
A2: TT(bank wire) to our company account in advance, L/C base on large order only;
For small order, West union, Moneygram, Paypal acceptable.

Q3: What warranty do you provide for your products?
A3: LGC will try best after-service to lower your maintaine costs of using gas conversion kits!

We offer 12 month warranty for main components (ECU, Injection rail, Regulator), other items vary--1 to 6months (time counted from the date you receive goods). 
Items asked for warranty are required to send back for inspection FIRST with no excuse; Shipping cost to LGC is the responsibility of buyer; If items are qualified for warranty after inspection, LGC will send replaced parts for free in your new order--or, the shipping charge to you will be charged at least 50%.
Items which are out of warranty period or not qualified for warranty, will be charged fully.

Physical damage to a product caused by the user; opening products up, e.g. to repair or modify components; or flashing the firmware or using non-approved software invalidates the warranty.

Defective Items:  if you found defective items, please contact us ASAP via email within 5days after you received goods. All emails will be answered within 1 business day. If the package is damaged during shipping, please contact the shipping company immediately to file a claim. Please let us know if you need any assistance in filing the claim. Fewer than 1% of all shipped products are subject to any warranty or quality issue. All defective items will be fixed/replaced during the warranty period. Buyers need to ship the items to us. Return shipping is the buyer's responsibility. Please contact us to process your return and a RMA# will be issued. The returned package should have a Tracking number.
Returns: If you're not 100% satisfied with the item or if the item doesn't meet your requirements, you may return the item(within 14days after delivered) for a refund of your payment / exchange it for another item. Please contact us before returning an item to process a RMA. Returned items have to be shipped directly to us at buyer's expense. Caused fee will be charged if the returned item is not defective or was returned due to other issues(Undeliverable items, Package refused etc.) Buyers are responsible for return shipping and re-stocking fees. The returned package should have a Tracking number, and the returned items should be as its original condition.

Please read the listing description carefully before purchasing items.

Import / Customs: In most countries, you don't need an import permit to buy this item online but you are responsible for knowing the regulations in your delivery country before placing your order. Customs clearance paperwork and procedures are handled by the courier. They may need to contact you in certain cases to confirm details of a shipment. In any cases where additional paperwork is required for customs clearance, you'll get assistance from us. Any local sales tax or import duty (as per your country's laws) will be calculated when your goods enter your country and you are responsible for it. No credit will be given for import / customs fees.

Q4: I want to start gas conversion in my local area, Is it easy to install the autogas conversion kits on cars?
A4: If you can take time to read and follow our installation instructions, have basic mechanical skills and tools, it is not hard for you to get familiar with the conversion; and you will get our help anytime you would like. Quite a few people with nothing knowledge on conversion previously, have successfully converted the cars themselves by vewing our installation info and via our assistance.

No matter the aspirated system or sequential injection system should be easy! Connect all parts (from tank to mixer/rail injector) well and make them sealed (leakage test), then set the air-fuel ratio right to allow the car work smoothly on gas.  

Some ones think injection kits very complicated especially the programming in PC--really? Not after you understand it!
Programming or tuning or adjustment during autogas conversion is all mainly to set an appropriate air-gas ratio to match with your car's power/displacement (which varies in different cars). Injection kits: do this via the gas ECU software in PC, regulator's pressure adjustment, rail injector's gas outlet orifice size; Aspirated kits: do this via regulator's pressure adjustment, power valve; mixer (some kind of mixers can be adjusted).

Q5: Is your aspirated system a close loop system? With stepper motor, lambda controller etc.
A5: Our aspirated system generally do not come with these items.
Open loop system work very well yet, if used a timing advance processor, it will have better performance.
With the close loop items added, the car's performance increase very LITTLE, but making wiring/installation more complicated and costing more.

P.S.: The most advanced gas conversion system for gasoline cars is injection system currently, close loop system is an outdated system, its feedback adjustment function is stupid and rough, which is obsolete yet and disappear soon, you nearly find none of this worldwide now.

Q6: Is your CNG system 3000psi or 3600psi?
A6: All CNG conversion kits in China are of "rated working pressure" 20Mpa=3000pi, although it can bear 25Mpa=3600psi;
3000psi or 3600psi, it concern mainly the CNG tanks, which we generally do not sell. 

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