What kind of BI-FUEL Autogas conversion kits is the best?


Technology of using autogas on vehicle began from 1930's.

Earliest in market was the mixer system/aspirated system/normal suction system(also called open loop system), without emulator, mostly used in carburetor cars, afterwards, to meet requirement of fuel injected vehicle, an emulator is added into the system; Afterwards, closed loop system showed up, which evolved from the asprirated system: Replace the emulator with an oxygen sensor controller (lambda controller), replace the power valve with a stepper motor.

The two system all use a mixer to mix autogas with air before aspirated into engine for combustion. Main difference between them is closed loop system has "feedback control function"-- according feedback signal from oxygen sensor to judge the displacement condition, the oxygen sensor controller adjust the stepper motor to controller autogas flowrate (which is different from the power vavle--adjusted manually, and can not be electric-controlled). However it may still occur problems like backfire and check engine light as easily as the open loop system, with the close loop items added, the car's performance increase very LITTLE, whereas making wiring/installation more complicated and costing more.

Moreover the closed loop system's feedback adjustment function is stupid and rough, and since it still use an autogas mixer, the autogas is impossibly feeded into engine accurately, so when sequential injection system got into market appr. in 2000, it is discarded soon, it's been outdated and seems to disappear soon, you can nearly find it nowhere worldwide now.

Currently the most advanced gas conversion system for gasoline cars is injection system, it use rail injectors to inject autogas into each engine cylinder much more precisely, that's the main reason why injection system is more advanced and better than aspirated system/mixer system (no matter open loop or closed loop systems).


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