How does CNG Conversion kit Work on petrol cars?


You may be a car user who wants to DIY the CNG Conversion kit on your petrol cars, or a guy who is interested in operating a CNG conversion business, then knowing how CNG conversion is accomplished and how it works before you start, is very important. Below information may be helpful for you to know and understand how the installation of a CNG conversion kit in a gasoline-powered vehicle is done.

At the conversion shop, experienced technicians will install compressed natural gas (CNG) parts onto your existing cars. These parts make CNG the primary fuel for your cars with petrol as the back-up fuel. A fuel selection switch will be installed (usually on the dashboard) that will allow the driver to manually select either CNG or petrol. CNG storage tank will also be installed underneath the vehicle for vans and pickup trucks, or in the trunk for cabs and other cars. High pressure steel tubing will transport the CNG to the pressure reducer in the vehicle’s engine compartment to reduce the pressure. The CNG will then pass through an air-gas mixer on its way to the intake manifold to be introduced for combustion.

Having a bi-fuel system will ensure adequate fuel reserves. Compared to having only a gasoline engine, this additional fuel reserve will extend the vehicle’s driving range. Drivers can switch from CNG to petrol even while driving, idling or parked. Some CNG systems will automatically switch to gasoline when the natural gas level reaches a preset low pressure setting.

For an insight into how a CNG/petrol bi-fuel system works, here are the step by step descriptions:
1. CNG is fed into the high pressure cylinders through the natural gas receptacle
2. When the engine needs natural gas, CNG leaves the storage tanks and passes through the master manual shut-off tank valve and refuel valve.
3. CNG then go to the gas pressure reducer.
4. The pressure reducer accepts the CNG and reduces its pressure from 3,000 psi to approximate atmospheric pressure.
5. The natural gas solenoid valve(generally integrated on the pressure reducer) lets the natural gas flow from the pressure reducer into the air-gas mixer or fuel injectors. This same solenoid valve also shuts off the natural gas flow when the engine is stopped.
6. CNG then mixes with air and flows down through the carburettor or fuel injection system and enters intake manifold then goes for combustion in engine cylinders.

Even if you are a CNG Converted car user yet, knowing how the CNG conversion kit work will help you better maintain the bi-fuel system during using.

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