ANGVA Exhibition 2011--A new step of LGC's entry to international market

After the ANGVA Exhibition 2011 in Beijing, on 18-20th, Oct. LGC now is busy with contacting the exhibition customers.
Although this is the first time LGC engage in international exhibition, it is a new step of entry to oversea market.
Currently we've exported to Thai and Malaysia, we will endeavor to make LGC famous in the world.
Wish worldwide friends to work with us.
In the exhibition, some Italian brands come to promote sales. The autogas conversion industry is more and more competitive. The global market is raising, while some Brands who are good before will face bigger and bigger pressure.
As known to all, the autogas technology originate from Italy, but with maturation of its application, chosing "made in China" will be a irresistible trend. That means you will get good quality at competitive price.
Although the RMB-USD rate is dropping, with the labor cost advantage, production cost competitiveness, and manufacturing ability, China's comparative advantage still remain.
PS: About the ANGVA 2011
ANGVA 2011
Time: Oct. 18-20, 2011       Venue:  Beijing•China National Convention Center
Supported by:
National Development and Reform Commission
Ministry of Science and Technology
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
National Energy Administration
Ministry of Environmental Protection
Beijing City Government
Sponsored by:
China Automotive Technology & Research Center (CATARC)
Service Center, Ministry of Science and Technology
Asia Pacific Natural Gas Vehicles Association (ANGVA)
China Automotive Technology & Research Center (CATARC)
Beijing Haozhi Exhibit Service Co., Ltd
Beijing Qifa Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd.
With the rapid development of vehicle industry in china, the production and sales volume of vehicle in China leapt to number two in the world. As early as ten years ago, Chinese government realized beforehand that the development and promotion of environment-protective and energy-saving vehicle would be a trend for the sustainable development of vehicle industry. Therefore the central and local governments began to promote the development and industrialization of new energy vehicle technology represented by gas vehicle through various inspiring policies and measures. At present, there are almost 400,000 gas vehicles, 1,400 gas-filling stations in 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government. A relatively complete industrial chain has been formed initiatively. According to corresponding national layout, the reservation amount of gas in China will reach 1,000,000. China is becoming a critical gas vehicle market in the Asia-Pacific region and even all over the world.
The theme of ANGVA conference in 2011 is “Gas vehicle——driving a cleaner future”. The conference is sponsored by office service center in the Ministry of Science and Technology and China Vehicle Technology Research Center and will be held in Beijing National Conference Center between 18th and 20th, Oct. 2011. ANGVA 2011 will be supported by the governmental departments like Ministry of Science and Technology, NDRC, MIIT, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Environmental Protection and so on. The conference will also invite representatives from foreign associations and organizations such as relevant leaders in the major departments and Asia Pacific Natural Gas Vehicle Association, International Gas Vehicle Association. It will also invite representatives from sample cities of energy-saving and new energy vehicle as well as representatives from local management departments, and cooperate with Beijing Qifa Exhibition Service Co., Ltd with the largest international scope of NGV CHINA. It is estimated that exhibitors from more than 30 countries and visitors and buyers from more than 60 countries will come to negotiate and communicate. ANGVA 2011 will be opened as the largest, the most influential and the most beneficial international NGV event in the world. The biennale is also a good chance for China to know the world and the world to know China.
●Sponsored at the same time:2011 International Forum and Exhibition of New Energy Vehicle
●Data from Three Preceding ANGVA Exhibitions
ANGVA means Asia Pacific Natural Gas Vehicle Association, which aims to make natural gas one of the transportation energy in Asia Pacific regions. One important events of ANGVA is to hold international conference—exhibition once in two years.
26th to 28th, July 2005,Kuala Lumpur Conference Center in Malaysia, 62 exhibitors from 20 countries,3299 visitors from 25 countries.
27th to 29, Nov. 2007,Bangkok International Trade Center in Thailand, 187 exhibitors from 31 countries,9369 visitors from 59 countries.
27th to 29th, Oct. 2009,East Sea·Seashore in Korea,93 exhibitors from 31 countries,1900 visitors from 33 countries.
●Data from Three Preceding Exhibitions of Beijing Qifa Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
8th to 10th, April 2008,Beijing·National Agricultural Exhibition Hall,120 exhibitors from 13 countries,4280 visitors from 13 countries.
17th to 19th, April 2009,Beijing·National Agricultural Exhibition Hall,191 exhibitors from 17 countries,7128 visitors from 17 countries.
13th to 15th, May 2010,Beijing·National Agricultural Exhibition Hall,280 exhibitors from 25 countries,11380 visitors from 32 countries.
●Predication of Data from ANGVA2011 Exhibition
18th to 20th, Oct. 2011,Beijing· National Conference Center, 350 exhibitors from 35 countries,15000 visitors from 60 countries.
●Scope of Exhibition:
Natural gas vehicle:natural gas passenger car;natural gas commercial vehicle;natural gas special vehicle;natural gas and diesel oil vehicle;
Natural gas special vehicle:
natural gas mobile gas-filling vehicle, natural gas examination special vehicle, natural gas-filling station vehicle and etc.; deep cold liquefaction natural gas vehicle;single natural gas-filling vehicle;natural gas transportation vehicle and etc.;
Parts of Natural gas:CNG、LNG and LPG engine, dual fuel or dual-purpose fuel engine and etc.;
Parts and special equipment:gas storage system;gas-filling installation, gas storage tank, high-pressure pipe, high-pressure connector, air pressure display device, manual stop valve and etc.;natural gas supply system;natural gas engine group, natural gas filter, pressure-relief regulator, mixer, low-pressure air flexible pipe and circulating water flexible pipe and etc.;
Fuel transformation system:transducer for diesel oil vehicle, single natural gas transducer, fuel transformation switch, natural gas stop valve, vehicle stop valve and etc.;
Control parts: sledding carton, base, wind input and drainage carton, engine starter, high-pressure air valve and LPG and etc.;
Building of gas-filling station:set of equipment in LPG, LNG and CNG gas-filling stations, charging and automatic management system in oil-fueling and gas-filling stations;
Equipment of gas-filling station:compressor, direr, gas storage device for the station, recycling tank, gas-filling machine and relevant examination and maintenance equipment;
Other equipment:instruments and meters like flow instrument, leak detector, detector and etc.;supervising and security guard equipment;
Various new fuel clean technology and other technological equipment associated with gas-filling station;
Liquefied gas, compressed natural gas, liquefied oil gas, diesel engine vehicle, finished vehicle and relevant technological equipment;
Fuel:compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas, biological natural gas coal-bed gas and other technology
Other:building achievements of clean vehicle and gas-filling station, sample project and layout;bank, credit and fund;relevant media of natural gas vehicle industry.
●Booth rentals:
Stand standard
Domestic enterprise
Joint venture enterprise
Foreign enterprise
Bare stand (36m2)
1000 yuan/m2
1700 yuan/m2
280 dollars/m2
Standard stand(9m2)
9800 yuan/stand
15800 yuan/stand
350 dollars/m2
Senior stand(18m2)
30600 yuan/stand
38600 yuan/stand
400 dollars/m2
The exhibitor should pay 20% booth rental fee in addition if you choose the booth or need the two-side open booth.
Standard booth :including exhibiting site, 2.5M high partition plate, a company name fascia board, 9 M² of carpet,1 information counter, 2 chairs, 1 electric socket (220 V) and 2 daylight lamps.
Open space: (Min.36M²) including exhibiting site,security, cleaning services. (Without maintenance fee of RMB20 / M2 charged by exhibition center)
●Special notes:
The hosting unit specially invites strong (1-5) participating enterprises as sponsoring and co-sponsoring units which are divided into A class, B class and C class. The detailed charging standard and compensation rules are available on request. Exhibit transportation and accommodation for representative can be referred to in Exhibitor Manual.
●Participation Procedures
The exhibitors should complete the Application Form with signature and send or fax it to the organizer as early as possible. At least 50% booth rental fee should be remitted to the organizer within one week after application. The balance should be remitted before September 20, 2011, otherwise we will consider it as cancellation. The booth allocation is on “First come, First served” basis.  When you effect the payment, you should fax the bank remittance receipt to us for our reference.
After receiving the application form and booth fee, the organizing committee will send the invoice and exhibitor brochure. The payment of booth rental fee will not be returned for any cancellation after the application.
There will be such activities as product display, business negotiation and technology exchanges during the exhibition period. The enterprises may apply for any of these activities. The technology exchange meeting will charge for certain fees: 9800 Yuan for domestic enterprises, $2000 for overseas enterprises, and the exhibition will last for 2 hours.
●Conference proceedings and other advertisement:
Conference proceedings will be sent to competent departments, relevant associations and visitors, as well as domestic and foreign industrial system and units by the sponsoring unit. The exhibitors need to provide corporation introduction (within 200 words) which will be published free of charge on the conference proceedings.
Conference proceeding
Front cover
Back cover
First and second covers
Third cover
Across cover page
Inner cover page       
30000 yuan
25000 yuan
15000 yuan
10000 yuan
10000 yuan
7000 yuan      
Admission fee, 5000 yuan,10, 000 pieces
Audience name card, 8000 yuan, 10,000 cards
Name card brace, 15000 yuan, 10,000 braces
Air charged arch, 3000 yuan per day
Empty floating balloon 2000 yuan per day
Material bag, 25000 yuan, 10,000 bags
●Audience invitation:natural gas corporation, oil corporation, gas corporation, engineering corporation, gas-filling station building corporation, passenger transport corporation, bus corporation, transportation corporation, government procurement organization, vehicle manufacturer, vehicle refitting corporation, scientific research college, domestic and foreign intermediary business, pressure vessel, industrial gas industry and etc.
●Propaganda and promotion in more than 60 domestic and foreign media:
NGV Communication Group, NGV Transportation, FUEL, China Natural Gas Vehicle, Commercial Vehicle, Natural gas Technology, Transportation World, Disposal and Processing of Natural Gas and etc.
.,,,,, and information and advertisement issued by Beijing TV.

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